Assessment & Planning

  • Full infrastructure, architecture, software and process evaluation
  • High level breakdown of findings, including existing and potential gaps in functionality and security
  • Understanding the variables: People – Process – Technology
  • Creating a comprehensive road map for a given solution based on the complex variables involved and the unique needs of each client

Development / Testing / Implementation

  • Infrastructure, Architecture, Software, Application Solutions.
  • Actualizing tailored solutions by leveraging our industry leading technical resources with a unique, client specific solution
  • Seamless integration with existing environment
  • Application of real world parameter testing to new and updated processes and solutions.
  • Creating dynamic, parallel environments to evaluate, troubleshoot, fine-tune and ultimately build towards the realization of a solution

Quality Control / Maintenance

  • Overall maintenance of the solution and its functionality in the environment in which it is deployed
  • Maintaining existing or new solutions by evaluating, upgrading, deploying and troubleshooting in a live environment
  • Continued maintenance of both new and existing databases
  • Ensuring and maintaining compliance with both the environmental and vertical standards

Governance / Security

  • Understanding the specific business and technological dynamic in order to maintain compliance with environmental parameters
  • Process and Technology review

Process Optimization

  • Objective and consultative approach to Process Development
  • Staff Augmentation – Project Management – BPO Services – Managed Services