Decommissioning of a legacy data warehouse. Assess and evaluate all downstream applications to move out and build new interfaces and connections (cost saving project to the firm)

Identify all Mortgage Banking apps and user tools (access, excel, SharePoint) (inventory is total of 1800- both apps and user tools) that business owns today, but is supported by IT. Once identified, per Line of Business, move these under IT, along with Full Time Employee head counts. (This is a regulatory project, compliance issues)

Transition out of state (California) sites that are closing and transfer the applications and data warehouses to local (Ohio) locations (cost saving project to firm – site closure)

Technical Refresh project – Application assessment and re-write to accommodate business requirements and enhancements. Once completed, conduct a technology refresh, including the installation of new servers and equipment (compliance & cost saver both).

Scope of Work


( 2010 )

Account Center is a customer facing application that allows users to make payments, view transactions, view statements etc. It allows customers to make self-help transactions like update phone, address, ask a question etc. It is also a critical application to client’ operations with about 7 Million users’ logins per month and close to 5 million payments per month. Since July 2013, we are involved in the Registration Optimization project. This project introduced the out of band process in login flow and several new features in registration flow of Account Center Application.

Currently working on the Secure Messaging Application which will provide a secure, asynchronous, electronic communication channel between cardholders and customer care representatives to better service for cardholders. Provide the ability to communicate sensitive account information electronically in a secure environment while maintaining the integrity of the communication thread in its entirety between the card holder and customer care. This effort will close the gap with competitors who offer a similar secure communication feature.

Scope of Work


( 2011 )

Retail Account Access


RAA (Retail Account Access) is a newly redesigned web application used by clients to view their Financial Account information, make online trades, check Real time balances &positions, view statements etc. This application talks to multiple enterprise wide systems to get data from different services to show data in different modules like Account Information module, Balances & Positions module, Recent orders module and also able to reset clients password and security information after validating clients credentials.

RAA application takes few inputs like Client Account Id and few other login related information and then talks to different back-end systems as those systems needs Authorization and Access to get the clients personal data.

Scope of Work


( 2012 )

Prepared the test scripts and executed System testing as well as Regression testing for eServicing application to meet the Business deadlines. Worked with various teams across the project for the UAT Testing, worked with Business Objects Team to get some of the BOXI and ACTUATE reports generated for testing the eServicing functionality.

Scope of Work


( 2013 )

Internet Application


Corporate Internet Group (CIG) that hosts & maintenance a bank’s internet application ( Application has various features like payments & transfer, bill pay, credit cards etc. Handles most of the banking functionality and it was a high profile application with very tight schedules & service level agreements.

Scope of Work