To realize potential and exceed expectations.


A company that strives to provide both elegant and practical solutions to its’ partners’ diverse business and technology needs, while ensuring the progressive development of its employees and stakeholders.


I am Strategic Systems

To realize potential and exceed expectations.

Our Customers are Our Priority

We ensure that each of us is striving to exceed the expectations of: Our Internal Customers: Our Team and Consultants
Our External Customers: Our Clients

Quality is Key

We ensure the highest deliverable quality while providing solutions to our customers. We leave no stone un-turned while doing our due diligence to keep quality at its best. We are detail oriented and yet stay ahead of deadlines.

We Stay Ahead

We keep up to date with Industry Standards and are always prepared for the new and unknown. We embrace change and ensure a proactive work environment.

We act with Integrity

We are committed to working with integrity and ethics. We respect everyone irrespective of their diverse backgrounds, ideas and approaches. We are transparent and honest individually and as a company. We are good listeners.

We Stay Humble

We have the humility and hunger to learn from anyone, anywhere. We accept constructive criticism and feedback while learning from our mistakes.

We Strive for Success

We achieve results and have fun while doing so. We are constantly improving our processes. We help each other out and celebrate all our successes. We ensure that everyone feels valued.


Mr.Sankar Mangapuram

– Founder, Strategic Systems Inc.

When I started Strategic Systems in 2004, my goal was to be a different kind of IT Company.

Trying to avoid the typical shortcomings of the industry, our objective was to provide the best resources, the most comprehensive solutions and in the most efficient way possible. All while maintaining the highest quality of service to our clients.

I have always said that I didn’t build this company alone, I surrounded myself with a dynamic and talented team. Since Day 1, we’ve approached every one of our client relationships in that same way…Partnering for Success.