Strategic Systems Inc. offers a wide range of solutions which are customized according to the myriad needs of our client partners. We specialize in Customized IT solutions divided among the following:


At Strategic Systems, we recognize that our resources are our biggest asset. To meet the unique and ever changing needs of our diverse clients, we maintain a large workforce of highly skilled IT professionals with diverse domain experiences. This ensures the highest quality of work for each of the consultants on our payroll. We utilize expert HR professionals and recruiters to attract the top industry talent and offer comprehensive benefits and educational opportunities. Because we understand that each project and initiative requires a different approach, Strategic Systems offers a variety of staffing solutions:



Our staff augmentation solutions are tailored to the unique business objectives of our client. We are able to provide short and long term contractual employees that meet the business needs and provide the high yield solutions. In addition to our own resources, Strategic Systems also leverages a robust network of partner organizations that work with us in providing top quality talent according to the project requisites.



We offer a comprehensive, full cycle Managed Staffing Program (MSP), handling every facet of supplemental staffing needed for our clients. Utilizing this MSP solution, Strategic Systems is able to partner with our client’s resource managers to properly define the team’s staffing needs, coordinate the selection of potential staffing providers and guide the vetting and interview process. This comprehensive approach allows Strategic Systems to preset the largest value, while ensuring quality and compliance assurances.



Regardless of the nature of the department augmentation, we understand that our clients need the highest quality employees in their IT workforce. When our client’s priorities shift to full time employees, our highly experienced technical recruiting team sources, screens and provides top talent to their IT workforce supply chain. Strategic Systems is able to deliver on all technical roles, be it entry level help desk to Chief Technology Officer. Our success over the past decade is directly reflected in our client’s success. We work with our partners to attract the very best talent within every niche vertical of IT, then provide a personalized approach to delivery.



With a large workforce of diverse employees, Strategic Systems ensures a personal approach is provided to each and every resource within any Human Resource services. We provide a comprehensive benefits structure, paid time off and retirement planning to all employees. Our dedicated immigration attorney ensures smooth transitions and seamless immigration assistance to all employees who need it. Strategic Systems’ Human Resource Management provides the benefits of Fortune 500 Company with the personal touch of a local business…ensuring high employee satisfaction. We recognize that secure, well cared for employees are the most productive.



Given the ever changing landscape of technology, and considering the rapid development and enhancement specifically within the field of IT, Strategic Systems strives to keep its employees trained and educated in the latest technologies. To ensure they are up to date with the most relevant skills, we provide individually tailored counseling based on comprehensive research of market trends and current industry demand. Our consultants are the provided resources to continually update their skills and stay at the forefront of the industry demand.


Strategic Systems’ employs a unique onshore / offshore delivery model, coupled with state of the art infrastructure and facilities to provide individually tailored services to each of our clients.  Whether the goal is outsourcing, streamlining or merely simplifying a complicated business process, we are able to provide tailored solutions to both the common and uncommon process issues that face growing companies.



Our Offshore Development Center is a one of a kind facility with the capacity for completely integrated business and process outsourcing. Whether the solution involves manual tasks, automated tasks or a unique combination of the two, we ensure seamless transitions of processes and complete process accountability. With an on-shore liaison dedicated to the client, we are able to ease the burden of cumbersome workflows and utilize a proven methodology to assess your business processes and define elegant solutions. Our specialties in Business Process Outsourcing include:

          – AP/AR Processing

          – Document Processing / Retention

          – Human Resource Management

          – Finance and Accounting management

          – Front Office / Customer Service Management



Strategic Systems has been developing and outsourcing IT enabled services for their Fortune 500 clients for over a decade. Our philosophy focuses on minimizing third party integration issues by leveraging and streamlining existing processes / technology, then introducing transparent and scalable long term solutions built around the client, not the technology. At Strategic Systems, we have the capable of outsourcing entire divisions within our clients through the implementation of automated processes, thus minimizing the margin of error. With Six Sigma certified Project Managers and Quality Assurance experts, we provide solutions that incorporate advanced technology and proven processes to meet your specific business needs.



Strategic Systems also supports the outsourcing of core information-related business activities which are competitively important and form an integral part of a company’s value chain. To be effective, KPO requires advanced analytical and technical skills as well as a high degree of specialist expertise. This is the intrinsic value of the Strategic Systems’ KPO Division.  Our services include high intensity research and evaluations in the field of Information technology, which helps to reduce research costs for our larger clients. We have a competent business intelligence division creating high quality analytical reports to provide the very best business solutions for our clients.



Call / Contact / Customer Service centers are the typically the first interaction a customer has with your business. It is paramount that this experience is effective, efficient and most importantly, positive. But running and managing this intersection of people, process and technology is expensive and at times cumbersome. Strategic Systems provides custom contact center environments that include a well-trained customer service workforce that is able to ensure a high level of customer attention, while also providing quality resolutions. Our contact center employees have been through a rigorous customer service training that includes complex problem resolution, escalation protocols, soft skills, communication and managing customer / vendor interactions. We are also able to customize this training based on our individual client’s needs. To ensure transparency, our clients also receive comprehensive reports documenting the scope of the business decisions and process streamlining involved.

Our onshore/offshore model provides your customers with the personalized service they expect, at a fraction of the cost to your business.



Strategic Systems recognizes the importance of effective project delivery. We employ a team of highly skilled, experienced project managers that adhere to PMI and Six Sigma methodologies to work with our clients from the requirement stage to post production support. Whether it be application development, ERP, implementations, migrations, upgrades, infrastructure or change management, our services ensure the highest quality management of budget, resources, time and workflow. At Strategic Systems, we collaborate with Stakeholders, Vendors, Suppliers and C-Suite executives to provide the utmost in delivery, support and reporting.


We are proud to provide our clients with tailored, “need” specific solutions that meet the unique demands and parameters of their industry.

Whether we guide the solution process from conception to delivery, or merely assist with one of many stages of the project, our mission is to create the utmost value to our clients by providing the highest quality services and deliverables.



A true partnership, Strategic Systems works with our clients to achieve a comprehensive enterprise assessments of an existing Infrastructure, Architecture, Development Environment or Process.  By coordinating with both the technology SME on site, as well as business users, Strategic Systems is able to provide a high level breakdown of environmental factors, including existing and potential gaps in functionality, technology, process and security.

And as a true partner, our assessments can include the creation of a tailored roadmap or “next steps” that is NOT hardware specific and takes into consideration the unique objectives of each of our clients.



Whether utilizing Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) or upgrading individual components in order to migrate to a SOA ideology, our primary objective in Architecture Support is functionality.  This purpose-meets-practice approach allows for technology specific support that expands into overall SOA architecture and methodology support as well.  Creating scalable, long term solutions is our primary focus.

– System & Technology Support

– System & Technology Upgrades/Migration

– Network Support and troubleshooting

– Integration of new products into the existing Infrastructure, Security, Network and Application environment



Tailored software and application development solutions for any size project.  Strategic Systems is able to work autonomously or within the existing development framework to provide our clients with cutting edge development and implementation solutions.  With our client’s needs as our barometer, we are able to utilize both Waterfall and Agile software methodologies to manage application projects.

This includes, though is not limited to:

– Creating and maintaining applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle

– Full Cycle Software Development

– Proprietary development, programming & prototyping

– Modification, re-engineering & maintenance of existing software



Strategic Systems views testing from both a macro and micro perspective.  It is an evolving toolset that involves the real world parameter testing of new and updated processes and solutions.  Our client’s needs are achieved by creating dynamic, parallel environments to evaluate, troubleshoot, fine-tune and ultimately build towards the realization of a solution.  In the case of software project management, we are able to implement varying approaches to software development life cycle models, methodologies, processes, or models…all based on our client’s needs.

With the growing need for better quality control and testing of the software development process as well as periodic infrastructure upgrading, Strategic Systems has created a platform to offer:

          – Software Development Testing

          – 360 degree Implementation Testing

          – Business Process Testing



With cost and scope of system maintenance consistently evolving, Strategic Systems offers a dynamic approach to the overall maintenance of architecture and development applications. This congruent solution looks to primary functionality within in the environment in which the technology or application is deployed.  Our multifaceted approach also includes a focus on evaluating, upgrading, deploying and troubleshooting in a live environment, new or existing databases.