Why Organizations Need a Holistic Staffing Solutions Partner  


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In a rapidly changing market, businesses require a strong workforce to stay ahead. Skilled professionals are necessary for companies to quickly adapt to shifts and changes within their industry.

But considering the competition and volatile labor market, how can you find the right people to drive your business to success? The key is to find a holistic staffing solutions partner.


Shifts and Challenges in the World of Work

Since 2022, most organizations have experienced changes from all the economic shifts, affecting everyone and the whole society. From the rising popularity of remote work to sudden layoffs in big tech companies, many businesses were unsure what the future would bring.

On top of this, inflation worries and rampant talks of looming recession added to the uncertainty. As trends change different aspects of work, it can be tough for employers to remain competitive in attracting top talent. Moreover, there’s also a need to focus on retaining and keeping their current employees engaged.

According to a joint study from Glassdoor and Indeed, the job market is changing from employer-centric to candidate-driven.1 This means that employers like yourself should be ready to offer competitive salaries, better benefits, flexible working options, and other perks to attract competent individuals.

This can be challenging as offering a more competitive compensation package, and benefits can be costly, especially for smaller businesses or those operating in industries with tighter profit margins. Providing flexible working arrangements and other perks can also become logistically complex and may require companies to restructure existing policies and procedures.

Considering these potential issues, leaders need to learn how to strike a balance between attracting top talent and maintaining profitability. One of the best ways to do so is to ask for help from the experts. Keep up with the changes while recruiting top talent with the help of holistic talent solution employers.


Collaborating with Holistic Staffing Partners Is the Solution

Many staffing partners have mastered the art of adaptability in this continually evolving labor market and the world of work. Employers are now quick to realize how much more convenient it is to work with a reliable staffing agency and how the ideal staffing firm can help them reduce costs, streamline talent acquisition, and manage payroll and other HR processes.

However, many organizations need support in other aspects aside from just the recruitment process, such as:

  • Onboarding and employee integration.
  • Ongoing support to job seekers after being hired.
  • Adopting and managing new technology to simplify processes.
  • Liaising with government institutions regarding employee benefits and compliance.
  • Tapping into offshore services to mitigate lingering issues on talent acquisition.


Given the current circumstances, a staffing agency needs to be holistic to be able to serve its partner organizations fully. Let’s look at five compelling reasons why your company needs a holistic talent solution.


1. Get ahead of the rest in getting top professionals.

A survey conducted by the NFIB Research Foundation showed that 47 percent of companies with job openings find it extremely challenging to find the right candidates.2 Meanwhile, a World Economic Forum study expresses the need for 50 percent of all employees to reskill by 2025.3 This is driven by an estimated 85 million jobs that may be displaced, along with 97 million new roles that would emerge from market shifts and innovation.

Based on these data, it’s undeniable that finding and retaining top professionals is a huge concern today and must be considered as one of your top priorities.

When finding a staffing partner, make sure to choose one that can deeply understand your staffing needs. They should have a complete grasp of your business and company culture to match the right people and fill the crucial roles of your organization. Most importantly, choose a staffing agency that can partner with you when it comes to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) endeavors.


2. Make sure that your HR tech stack works for you.

If you and your hiring managers are still struggling with your HR tech stack, then getting the services of a staffing agency may be your best bet.

A leading staffing agency should be able to provide you with not only personnel and recruitment process outsourcing but also the appropriate tech stack to go with it.

Job boards are already obsolete methods of finding top professionals. As with everything in the global economy, the ideal staffing firm should equip you with both expert recruiters and the technology you’ll need to meet the challenges of today’s job market.


3. Get the right technical people to work for you.

The truth is that the tech sector is the industry where the talent shortage is most severe, primarily caused by the rapid digitalization of the global economy. As your organization becomes more dependent on technology, you will need more people to execute this transition.

Finding the right people is crucial because this investment can cost your organization a lot of money, especially if the wrong people handle your digital transformation.

The ideal staffing firm should be able to provide you with the most suitable people to implement your digital transformation and streamline your organizational processes. This can come as a direct hire or project-based employee provided by the ideal staffing agency.


4. Ensure compliance in your company processes.

A holistic staffing agency not only hires employees for your organization but can also guarantee that your company fully complies with the latest regulations dictated by the law.

When an organization outsources its HR operations, it must also outsource its talent acquisition needs and other aspects of employee relations. A holistic staffing agency can provide support in matters relating to compliance, employee benefits and compensation, and employee relations, among others.

Having a staffing agency to take care of all these concerns is ideal, as it contributes greatly to the engagement and retention of your employees, as they are guaranteed to have someone to take care of these concerns.

Holistic staffing firms act as full organizational consultancy, talent management agencies, talent acquisition companies, and digital technology firms. Therefore, it’s more effective to integrate all these services and partner with just one company to provide them instead of collaborating with several companies to get each of their services.

Also, with the advent of Pay Transparency Laws in most states and major cities in the United States, you benefit tremendously by having a partner supporting your transition to make salary and compensation more transparent among your current and future employees.


5. Maximize your offshore investments.

Offshoring is becoming increasingly mainstream across many businesses and organizations due to the talent shortage, especially in tech.

Choose a staffing firm with a dedicated offshore team that enables you to access a new pool of talent that can help you succeed while saving on talent acquisition costs.

Whether managed services, support teams, consulting services, or temporary workers, a holistic staffing agency will equip you with vital support to help you get your ROI and guarantee that your deliverables are achieved. Furthermore, you can manage your supply chain more efficiently and get the right talent solutions without going overboard in your spending.



End your search in finding a holistic staffing solutions partner by collaborating with Strategic Systems. With more than two decades of success in staffing and its allied fields, Strategic Systems takes you several steps closer to meeting your talent acquisition needs and revolutionizing your organization to make it a leader in today’s volatile global economy.

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