Technical Services is Key to Overcoming Complex IT Challenges 


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Technical Services is Key to Overcoming Complex IT Challenges 

Would a win be a win without overcoming a loss? Think about it, businesses and leaders wouldn’t be great if they didn’t face a wall of problems that required a series of solutions to keep everything at bay. The fast-moving and rapid development of the IT industry requires organizations to carefully adapt and prosper in this digital age.

However, the transformation from traditional to digital is more than just using software and technologies and injecting it into operations. It’s more of a shift in the mindset and approach in a business’s overall operations. It’s a comprehensive transformation that can shift the entirety of an organization from workflows to company culture.

In this post, we’ll enumerate a few of the best practices IT companies can adopt to overcome the simplest to the most complex of challenges in their area of expertise.


Complex Problem-Solving in the IT Industry  

IT and tech experts thrive on crucial problems. Quite frankly, without problems to solve or solutions to improve, the need for professionals in the industry would be less. According to Statista, 70% of organizations still found that there was a skills shortage in tech.¹

The lack of people equates to the lack of skillset, and that is one thing companies and organizations need to consider.

Developing technical services is key not only in maintaining healthy systems within your company, but also in ensuring that IT-related challenges and hurdles are taken care of properly.

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Common Complex IT Challenges and Their Solutions  

When you take a closer look at it, the nooks and crannies of the IT industry are filled with gaps that have only been resolved. These gaps have been byproducts of continuous problem-solving initiatives by teams of various technical expertise.


Staffing and Candidate Shortages

It’s unspoken language that the IT industry doesn’t have as many candidates as customer service and management sectors do. But due to the ever-changing demand for developers, tech experts, and IT specialists, the last thing organizations need is to have a band aid solution to a problem that could grow in the following years.

As a response to a similar problem in the tech industry, Strategic Solutions have been successful in scaling fast. Over a 6-month period, we’ve trained, staffed, and boarded 150+ technicians nationwide, thanks to the unwavering support of our 400+ offshore personnel, supporting an influx of over 20,000 users returning to work.


Employee Productivity and Success Measurement Inaccuracy

Most products and outputs in the tech industry are mostly results-based. For instance, a project could be difficult to manage based on the tools acquired and certified by the IT experts. It might lean towards being more agile than being productive.

This can hurt the identification and management of success in that particular area or more towards productivity, which can be detrimental to an operation’s efficiency.

Overcoming this will involve the right blend of tech principles, clearer data, and a more straightforward organization structure. Moreover, the correct programs and software involved are also vital to success and performance indicators. It should answer questions like:

  • “What are the successes in each area or department of operations?”  
  • “Who needs to accomplish project A vs. project B?”  
  • “Do we need to be more efficient or more productive?”   


System Compatibility and Product Issues

As we’re aware, digitization is more than just the addition and inculcation of technology to an existing work environment. The transformation to the digital age requires a full-on development from the tech and tools used to the training of employees and staff members within the organization.

Due to this, old tools may not be compatible with newer technology, which can cause a strain on the workflows and processes.

For instance, Strategic Systems had a project where we had to install pin pads. Then, there have been a few misconfigurations and incompatibility issues. Thanks to our solutioning team with more than 30 years of experience, we were able to find the caveats and issues with compatibility.

So, had implemented a quick solution recommending minimum requirements for the deployment of new products and systems as an upgrade to the current environment.

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Technical Outages and Service Interruptions

Outages and services interruptions are inevitable. Besides the fact that technology isn’t perfect, updates, improvements, and works are common in the field, too. Like other tech-related organizations, Strategic Systems also encountered a similar occurrence.

Through tactical execution and implementation of tiger teams, made up of 4,000 technicians across the country, the issue was solved in just a few hours at an SLA of 98%.


Outdated Tech Tools and Systems

Following one of the most common IT issues above, organizations need to accept the fact technology is constantly developing and evolving. For them to ride with the waves and catch up with what other businesses are doing, they need to adapt.

Along with updated tools and systems come updated skilling. Teams need to make sure that everything is exercised to be at the same pace as the rapidly evolving market.

Consulting with a technical services expert is one of the few best ways to overcome this hurdle. Better and newer technologies are springing out, wanting to be used, and all their purposes are the same – to make the lives of employers easier and the experiences of employees better.


Shifting the Cultural Mindset

Most businesses and companies, if not all that follow the traditional hierarchy of organization use manual on almost everything they have. From legacy systems to a conventional approach of adding tangible and non-tangible resources, most have this outdated mentality.

With more things facing the technological side, teams and organizations must slowly shift and adapt from their cultural mindset to an advanced one. Although it feels daunting to take the leap, taking the step is an inch closer to mitigating the risks of being flooded by more advanced technologies in the future.

Everyone must be on the ropes; from rank-and-file employees and staff members doing the roles they signed up for to the leadership of organizations. All members should be on the same page for them to come in prepared to advance and modify their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, all for the benefit of the organization.



Advancing through the routes of technology is a challenge all businesses will face in the near future. At Strategic Systems, we can give you guidance in solving IT-related dilemmas you could be having by positioning the best and top talent to fill in the voids causing them.

With our expertise being live for more than two decades, we’re on the road to continuous improvement to bridge the best candidates to your operations. Contact us today and for innovative solutions to all IT challenges and problems your organization will experience!



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