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Unlocking the potential of your business in the rapidly evolving tech-driven world hinges on one key move – infrastructure modernization. By upgrading your existing hardware and software, you pave the way for a future brimming with enhanced performance, streamlined efficiency, unwavering reliability, and unassailable security.

But doing that across states and in impossible volume can be detrimental to any business operation – unless you have the right partner.

That’s exactly what we did. This is how Strategic Systems helped a franchisee group optimize the system of their thousand franchise locations nationwide.


An established franchisee group in Ohio purchased a thousand locations of one of the most recognizable pizza chain around the world, and each store required full infrastructure modernization. As a large corporation with 73,000 employees, they had to accomplish the upgrade fast to avoid incurring losses due to system downtime that could possibly affect their overall brand image and marketability.

With the franchisee company’s ambition in mind, Strategic Systems worked with the group to implement a solution that would complete the whole process in 10 months with minimal impact on their daily business—one of the phases required over 30,000 CAT6 (Category 6) cables to be completed. This meant the operation could cost the company a lot of money.


Our team of experts streamlined a multi-phase approach and completed a full cable refresh over two nights. This method allows us to have better control and management over the project, ensuring that it is completed effectively and efficiently by breaking down the project into multiple phases, each with different objectives, goals, and schedules. This significantly reduced downtime, hence reducing costs for the franchisee and allowing them to continue their operations without affecting their daily activities.

We deployed a specialized team called Tiger Teams to ensure quality and consistency across 27 states, including Kansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. We also partnered with select logistics suppliers to ensure material compliance, bringing only high-quality solutions to our clients.


The results? All 1,000 store locations completed their cable refresh on time after a careful and strategic collaboration between everyone involved.

Aside from not affecting the other phases, Strategic Systems ensured that the cable integration would be successful in two days, maximized the time, and ensured that every store could continue its operations. Strategic System adopted a “One Team One Goal” attitude and allowed the franchisee to save money by reducing downtime to two nights.


Strategic Systems proves that collaboration can bring impeccable solutions nationwide quickly and efficiently. We provide more than just the best practices in the industry and offer highly tailored solutions for our clients.

No matter where you are in the US, whether within North America or beyond, we can bring the technological innovations you need to your doorstep.

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Need help with your workforce?

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