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What does it take for a business to succeed in the Transformative Age?

It’s estimated that about $2 Trillion will be spent on digital transformation by 2019 to try to answer this question. However, to date, much of the spend results in ‘strategies’ that digitize conventional business models, without truly transforming how business gets done.

And isn’t that the objective of transformation anyway. To become an intuitive enterprise, one that senses shifts in market dynamics, and is agile enough to continuously redefine it’s customer value; thriving in a volatile business environment.

Services that span capability areas to drive digital transformations

We take an enterprise approach to transformation, focusing on creating a seamless customer experience that supports a company’s brand, regardless of touch point, channel, or device. We leverage analytics, process automation, agile, and talent services to create value.

Our offerings are designed to :
  • Implement quickly and generate rapid ROI
  • Accelerate your business transformation
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Incorporate industry best practices

Offerings Designed For Rapid Deployment and ROI

Process Automation

Evolutionary change isn’t cutting it anymore. To be competitive organizations must make transformational performance improvements to every aspect of the business. Using best practices, coupled with the latest intelligent process mapping, and Robotic Process Automation technology we can help get you there. Our approach to process automation gets you up and running quickly. RPA is most beneficial when considered as a strategic tool, although tactically it’s impossible to look past the 30% to 50% cost savings that are possible. But if you use RPA as a broader strategic tool, you get a lot more out of it.

Advanced Analytics

Developing a business strategy that’s informed by market dynamics, and customer behavior and proclivities is challenging. Using machine learning techniques, analytics practices and tools, and leveraging real world data, we can help you develop and deliver actionable insights to the business and improve performance. We offer a subscription-based solution that gives our clients quick, and effective access to business insights that are actionable, and will improve business performance. Our services are subscription based, providing immediate access to experienced data scientists, latest tools, and deployable prediction models so you can compete better.

Systems Modernization

Refreshing legacy applications built on aging platforms, unsupported software, or outdated technology are ways to improve performance without disrupting the business. We offer cost-effective, and fully automated modernization services to refactor or document and stabilize your legacy technology infrastructure. Modernization projects are not custom development projects! We use advanced technology to automate modernization. Our projects take only months to complete, at a fraction of the cost, and with minimal disruptions to the organization.

Agile Managed Services

Meeting customer’s expectations for high quality, better features, cheaper products mean investing in the front office – not the back office. Our affordable, scalable, and robust managed services augment your Agile Development capabilities, your ERP support and maintenance, and IT infrastructure maintenance and administration. Our Managed Services offering consists of three services that we provide for all of our clients. (1) Agile Development Services, (2) Agile ERP Support and Maintenance Services, and (3) Infrastructure Support and Maintenance Services.

Digital Advisory Services

We’ve been providing Advisory Services for as long as we been in business. Our senior consultants will work with you to develop journey maps, define strategies, and execute the tactics to help our clients navigate their digital transformation journey. We invest in innovative solutions leveraging our design centers, and our trusted partners. These services help our clients navigate the transformation journey by facilitating the creation of Digital Strategies and Execution Plans.

Talent Services

Today, more than ever before, remaining competitive means retaining the best staff, with the prerequisite skills and experience to support the organization’s strategy. Finding the right ones are a challenge, but with our global network of recruiters, access to a rich pipeline of technical resources, we will fill your skills and resource gaps. We will help you align your transformation goals with your talent. We provide information technology, engineering, and non-technical staff augmentation services to fill critical skills gaps for our clients. Our reputation for assessing, on-boarding, training and retaining top information technology talent is second to none.

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